Mehmet Günce Akkoyun


He was born in 1979 in Konya. He’s interested in electronics designing since his high school years. He graduated from Geology Engineering Department, in Ankara University. He started to work in software sector in his university years. He worked for Ericsson Crea-World as a software developer. He also worked for Pc Net and Pc World magazines as an author and he wrote a book about ASP. He served  many web based projects. In 2005, he established Publicist Ad agency. He prepared many campaigns in advertising sector. He is also a professional photographer. He had many photography exhibitions at home and abroad. His most important exhibition which was about Mevlana was held in Vatican City. His book “Ya Hz Mevlana” has sold more than 5000. He established an research company called LVX Electronics.

Mehmet Günce Akkoyun VIDEOS