Iştemanikür is founded to make working women’s lives easier. We partner with HR managers of corporate clients and bring during office hours beauty services to the office. 1) We set weekly or biweekly recurring days with HR Departments. 2) After corporate announcement employees pay with their credit cards on www.istemanikur.com and make their reservation. 3) On the determined day we provide our services on a coffee break in meeting- or other available rooms. Our revenue generation comes from service and product sellng. Since the beginning of 2014 we provided 1000 services at the offices of companies like Eczacıbaşı, Boyner, LCWaikiki etc. We want to accelerate our B2B sales, to expand iştemanikür to other cities of Turkey and grow our team accordingly. We look for an investment of 150.000 TL in exchange of %15 share. The founder of iştemanikür is Müge Meydan. She is a graduate of Bosphorus University BA in Economics. She is experienced in marketing of hair dresser products.