RichiePic is a mobile photography contest application which is available on the Apple App Store since January 2015. Although there are many photo sharing applications on mobile, they don’t provide a competitive environment for the users. So, users try to organize competitions by using hashtags and creating topics. This problem triggered us to develop RichiePic application. RichiePic fulfills the missing point in other photo sharing applications, meets the desire of winning, and let them share their photos all over the world. At the end of each week, winner is selected according to the votes of users. Additionally, the winner is published on the winners board, which gives users the chance of proving their photography skills to the whole world. RichiePic is created by 3 Bilkent University students, which are from Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and Industrial Engineering departments. They have experiences in web-based and mobile-based application development, and also marketing and project management. Creators forsee this application bringing an innovative point of view to the digital appliance world and providing a unique yet shrewd design take on photography contests. Unlike its' competitors, it will stimulate a long-withstanding addiction rather than a trigger a temporary inclination. The catalysts fueling this process will be both competitive fire, and one's satisfaction associated with victory.