It is a digital book which contains micro-games and dynamic interactions. 2D interactive and 3D pop-up books are 2 kinds of MagicBook. It’s notable side is supporting multi-platform (IOS, Android etc.), multi-language and all mobile resolution. It’s unique side is dynamic interactions which usies physics engine and mobile device sensors (acceleration and light sensor etc.). It’s main market is public stores (OIS store, GooglePlay store etc.) and FATIH Project. Via public stores, MagicBooks are serviced globally by single download method. Thanks to FATIH Project, many public institutions are in aim to make significant amount of purchase of such educative mobile application. MagicLab is a TUBITAK and ODTU Teknokent supported company which serves on game technologies, digital publishing and education technologies. MagicLab team consists of four people (2 co-founders and 2 employee). The main project of MagicLab is a supported project, MagicBook.