Turkey's first monthly digital decoration magazine and shopping platform bast-home, was established in 2013. It publishes rich content related to home and office decoration, architecture, home electronics, design, arts and life-style. Expert editors, world-wide known architects, fine arts curators and designers of Bast Home digital magazine bring quality content to its readers through its website and mobile application. As a first in the market, readers are able to buy the goods in the magazine and find selected designers' and brands' products online. 

Bast Home's readers find latest trends, decoration ideas, accessible designer products, home deco products and life style content from all around the world as well as Turkey through a social networking platform. As another first in the market, bast-home.com digital magazine uses all the benefits of rich-media to allow its readers and brands to experience all kinds of interactive images, videos, 360° indoor videos, streaming events and embedded social media interactions.