It is a startup which offers online 3D printing service. Despite all the revolutionary aspects, the arbitrary, expensive and slow pricing of the current system and the lack of a platform for designers result in blocking massification of 3D printing. Formhane launched in October 23 with the aim of making 3D printing easier, more affordable, and widespread for customers and more profitable for designers. Formhane consists of 2 functions. First function instantly quotes the models uploaded by the user depending on the selected material. The user views the model within a model viewer. Second function is the 3D printing store, which currently works as B2C. When the C2C feature is added to the store the users and the designers will be able to offer their uploaded models for sale in the store. Furthermore, specified models will be customizable - text & image based -  in the store. Through adding new materials/colors to its inventory and adding new designs to its store, Formhane intends to sustain its competitive advantage.