Headquarter in Istanbul, Mill&Fashion is an e-commerce website with a B2C model targeting consumers who prefer an easy and enjoyable shopping experience online. The website which started its active sales in August 2011 is a vertical venture for bags and similar products promising a focused shopping experience for its customers. Mill&Fashion started selling bags in August 2011. Has reached 5000  customers with more than 40 brands and a product portfolio of 820 bags and during August-December has increased the number of orders by 200 % with very limited advertising activities. The number of bags sold in December is 90 and this number is 280 % greater when compared with August values. Cooperation with websites such as Markafoni, Limango, Clubboon, Yenicarsım is underway and the website also serves in B2B sales channels. The authentic “Arife” bag series is a brand patented by Mill&Fashion and all production activities including design are managed by Mill&Fashion.