Lamagama Game and Animation Technologies: Lamagama was founded in 2009 at METU Teknokent’te and is working on simulation and game technologies. Lamagama currently has 3 games being developed for IOS, PS3 and PS Vita platforms and is striving to be a famous game developer for these platforms within the next 3 years. With a team of 10 people, Lamagama is among the official content providers for Sony Playstation 3 since the past 1, 5 years. Sprint, the first game in production stage is planned to be released in mid-January 2012 for IOS, the second game Egg&Roll is planned to be released in March 2012 for IOS and in June 2012 for PS Vita whereas the third game, Er Meydanı which is supported by Ankara Development Agency will be released in January 2013 for PS3.