Ersan Özer


I was born in Istanbul in 1969. I've studied Marketing & Public Relations at university. Upon graduation, I've worked for various national TV channels and newspapers as director, writer and news editor. In 1999, I've launched my first domain,, which soon became a phenomena in the internet world. It was this domain which actually paved the path for user-generated-content in Turkey through which the visitors were provided with the opportunity to announce the "secrets of their lives" under anonymous IDs and share them with hundreds of thousands of others. After selling my shares in in 2004, I've introduced the first local, i.e. city-based dating domains in Turkey, namely,, and in 2005 in cooperation with the managing partners of (eBay-Turkey). In 2007, I have launched the first "consult the expert" video domain of Turkey,, which is positioned as the video format of "". Differentiating from my previous projects, it creates its own content in a wide range of topics from law to technology, sports to health-care, etc.

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