Kerim Baran


Since 2009 Kerim Baran has been working as the founding partner, executive board member and assistant general manager at CivicSolar. CivicSolar is one of the leading innovative solar energy distributors in North America and works closely with solar energy contractors and developers. During 2003-2009 Baran worked as the founder and general manager of After passing his shares onto a team of investors including Mynet and Tiger Global, he started working as an angel investor and advisor in Silicon Valley and also for technology ventures in developing markets. Among his investments are DoktorSitesi, Wikimart, FlowPay, PresenceTelecare, Proven, and CloudTelecomputers. He is married and has a child. Baran completed his MBA in 1998 at Harvard University. Kerim Baran graduated from Northwestern University Industrial Engineering department in 1993.