Levent Ahmet Sevgili

Last Moon Games

Born on 1982 in Istanbul. Graduated in 2000 from Haydarpaşa Anatolian High School. Completed his B.Sc. studies at Doğuş University Computer Engineering in English (2002 - 2006). He graduated with experience oon computer game development and has been interested in computer graphics since the time of Commodore 64K. His thesis which was a 3d game called mad bomber became first in demoscene party 7d6 da Game Dev. Compo. contest. Completed his military service in and started working as software engineer at C2Tech, a company in  Tubitak Marmara Research Center in  2007. Worked as chief software developed and designer in the military sammos simulation proect and primarily in the RiKA project for two and a half years. Got married. After the completion of the RIKA project and the increase in use of smart phones and tablets, he left the company in 2010 and founded his first serious start-up, the Swift development team. Developed Creatures Mania and GMO Busters games for iOS and Blackberry. Carried out all software desing and coding. Met eTohum at the end of summer 2011. With a new and clearer target along with support and his experience, developed a new game development platform to ease and speed up the game development process. He had the chance to develop 4 game projects with support from eTohum. These games would be the first games of the new company Lastmoon Games.

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